Coronavirus: Lockdown Order in Kano State

Federal Government has taken over the lockdown in Kano from the state government. When I called for this measure, people jumped to the defense of Federal Government.

Now that the president himself has followed line of reason and imposed the lockdown, I am waiting to hear from those people condemning my reprimand of Federal Government’s slow response to Kano pandemic.

I have always argued that kano state government lacked the leverage to put strong-headed Kano people under successful lockdown. Only federal might, with heavy military presence will make Kano people obey lockdown orders.

The president is also deploying enough personnel and materials to put the Covid-19 pandemic under control. He also assured Kano people that the testing center in AKTH will open tomorrow.

Where are those that debunked the news about the closure of the center due to absence of reagents and PPE?

Defending mediocrity on the alter of politics will not work on a pandemic emergency. Virus does not respect political divides. It does not isolate APC from PDP or Gandujiya from Kwankwasiyya.

Let us unite and defeat a common enemy. After that we can return to our dirty politics.

It is reported that military are out in Kano streets enforcing lockdown order. In Yan Lemo fruit market people are being flogged to compel compliance. Driving around without permit is no longer safe. Stay at home and be safe with your family.

The lockdown is not to last forever. Government continues to drag the lockdown period because we refuse to see reason and obey simple instructions.

As long as we come out and mix with crowds, community infections will continue to fester and government will be left with no option than to carry out draconian measures to enforce compliance. That is why there is government. Someone has to call the shots and force people to obey for the sake of our own safety.

The government should ensure that the soldiers respect human rights and refrain from brutalizing people and destroying their properties. The police are there to take care of offenders through mobile courts.

By Aliyu Nuhu

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