Coronavirus: Kaduna Discharges Three Patients

Three Coronavirus patients have been discharged from hospital in Kaduna state. This was announced on Friday evening by Amina Mohammed-Baloni, commissioner for health in the state.

“The three patients are among the six persons that have tested positive for Covid-19 in the state. They have each tested negative for two consecutive tests, and have now been discharged,” she said at a briefing.

“This brings to four the number of persons Kaduna State has discharged this week. There are now only two cases of Covid-19 that are yet to be discharged and we look forward to being able to do soon.

“I wish to acknowledge the sterling efforts of the medical team, surveillance teams, members of the Emergency Operations Committee and other stakeholders involved in the efforts of the Ministry of Health to manage and contain Covid-19.”

Although the identities of the patients were not disclosed but she gave assurance that the state is safe, stressing the significance of observing preventive measures over treating Coronavirus.

“Citizens are advised to wash their hands regularly with soap and water and scrupulously observe social distancing,” she said.

“They should also avoid large gatherings and stay at home, except it is absolutely necessary to go out. Wherever they are, they should also practise respiratory hygiene.”

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