Coronavirus: Hunger Will Kill People, Governor’s Wife Raises Alarm

The wife of the Edo State Governor, Betsy Obaseki, has admonished that diverting relief materials meant for the vulnerable in the society will aggravate the hardships being faced over the coronavirus pestilence.

Mrs. Obaseki disclosed that hunger could be an even bigger threat to life than the virus.

Mrs. Obaseki made this disclosure while handing over some relief materials from the state government to representatives of various groups in Benin City, the state capital.

She exhorted them to resist any temptation to be greedy and hoard the items for personal use or even give them out to those who can afford it.

“These relief materials are meant only for the vulnerable in the society, it is not meant for those who can afford full lockdown in their homes. If we are careful coronavirus will not kill too many people in this country, but if we are not careful it is hunger that will kill people. That is why the government is taking these steps to do what they have to do,” she said.

The items distributed include bags of rice, bags of beans, garri, noodles, oil, puree, millet, seasoning, soaps and detergent.

The State Commissioner for Social Development and Gender, Maria Edekor announced that the beneficiaries of the relief packages are the elderly, returnees, people living with disabilities, prison inmates, children in correctional centres, rehabilitation centres and orphanage homes.

The governor’s wife has finally called on residents, who are affluent, to help the vulnerable around them.

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