Coronavirus: 1st Person Dies in Madagascar


The first person has died of Coronavirus complications in Madagascar, breaking the country’s record after several months or successful treatment of the virus.

According to the country’s Coronavirus spokesperson, Santa Volontiana, the deceased is a medical worker with underlying health complications.

While making a televised statement, she sad the 57-years-old male health worker had diabetes and high blood pressure.
Madagascar had before the death of its first fatality, claimed to have found the cure to the virus which had cured several of its Coronavirus victims in across the nation.

The drink which is discovered has been used in taking care of its citizens with some other African countries demanding to lay hands of the cure to save the lives of their victims running to thousands.

Nigeria recently got its share of the cure from Madagascar, and it is being studied under medical advice before it is being adopted and used on any Nigerian Coronavirus victim.

Madagascar has frowned at health organisations doubting the efficacy of the cure, stressing that the cure would have gotten a global nod if it was discovered in another country out of Africa.

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