Comedian Taooma Drags Yomi Casual Over Comment on 21st Century Celebrities

Popular Instagram Comedian Taooma has responded to Yomi Casual over his comment regarding 21st-century celebrities following the social media apps shut down on Monday evening.

Recall that on Monday evening, just before the clock ticked 5 Pm, the three most-used apps, Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook, temporarily shut down for about six hours before the issue was rectified.

Following the shutdown that brought controversies, Fashion designer Yomi Casual advised 21st-century celebrities to respect those who made it without social media. However, adding that the shutdown should serve as a lesson to the 21st-century celebrities and business owners as they are nothing without the media.

Comedian Taooma Drags Yomi Casual Over Comment on 21st Century Celebrities

Reacting to his statement, Comedian Taooma said that social media made people like her and others stand out without begging already built people to promote their careers.

She said, “Right now, everyone is nothing without media. Big thanks to social media for giving us the chance to chase our dreams and exhibit our works without waiting on any association or some set of elites. However, those who made it when social media wasn’t a thing are very lucky. Why? There was less competition, we only knew a few products, brands and people.”

She also added that music could be currently made from the corner of one’s room and live comfortably off streaming money—also, there is no need to beg anyone.

If you dream to be a popular actor, you can do your thing without auditioning. Bring out your phone, shoot, exhibit on Youtube/Instagram, and you will make money on top sef.” She added.

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