Coffin Of Abba Kyari On Fire

Coffin used to convey the late Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari; Abba Kyari was seen on fire shortly after he was laid to rest at the Gudu Cemetery in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Kyari whose death was announced after suffering complications from Coronavirus was buried today according to Islamic rights. His body was seen carried in a white coffin from the airport to the cemetery in an ambulance.

Coffin Of Abba Kyari On Fire 1

Shortly after Abba Kyari’s burial, the coffin was seen being set ablaze by some persons involved in the burial rites.

It is believed that this was part of efforts to ensure that the ravaging Coronavirus does not spread from the coffin after it was used to carry a dead victim for the virus.

There have been several outcries and objections raised about the way the late kyari was buried, considering the cause of his death.

A lot Nigerians have condenmed the flying down of his corpse from Lagos State to Abuja, the clustering of several persons during his burial rites, alleged double standard by the government after annoucemnet was made that no Coronavirus dead victim’s body would be released to his of her family for burial, among many others.

Until his death, the federal government hide the state of his health and location to concerned Nigerians asking several questions after the rumour of him testing positive to the virus went viral.

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