Clearer Picture of What Happened Between Kiddwaya and Erica

Kiddwaya and Erica

Kiddwaya and Erica the BBNaija Lockdown love birds are currently one of the major topics on social media as the rumoured feud between them is gaining strength by the minute.

Many explanations and opinions have been given to paint a clear picture of what may be going wrong with the famous BBNaija couple “Kiddrica”.

Everyeveryng has done its homework and has brought a clearer picture of what happened between Kiddwaya as it has been transmitted around, especially on social media.

The strain between these two may have dated to Sunday, November 29, 2020, when they graced “Housemate Salone” a reality show held in Sierra Leone.

They had a mildly embarrassing moment when Erica blatantly told Kidd before the show housemates that he was rude. More details here…

Before going for the show, it is essential to remember that they have both unfollowed themselves on Instagram before their trip to Sierra Leone. The reason for their off and on friendship on social media was not made public.

You can call the reasons as mentioned above “things of the past”, as another storm came rocking their boat after Kiddwaya granted an interview on Punch newspaper.

The interview would have ended well until Kidd was asked about his relationship and love life. You might also agree with me that the question was not suppose to cause trouble for a guy whose mother is a fan of his “supposed” relationship.

Kiddwaya' Mum And Erica
Kiddwaya’ Mum and Erica

Versace wedding also trended on social media immediately Erica was disqualified from BBNaija house. You will remember the famous. Instagram live video chat between Nigerian journalist, Dele Momodu and Kidd’s father, Terry Waya where he promised “Kiddrica” a Versace wedding.

Putting all of these in mind, you will wonder when Kiddwaya told the Punch reporter interviewing him that he does not have a love life.

This interview did not only come out as am an insult to Erica, who is being popularly identified as his girlfriend, but it also extends to the Kiddrica fans in their thousands.

That infamous interview might not have been able to dig the ditch’s depth that currently exists if it was well managed, but Kidd’s manager, Linek Ovie was brought into the picture, and here we are.

After the controversial interview, some Elites went on a rampage and practically gave their version of the #EndSARS protest, against what Kidd and Linek did.

They took to social media to make public screenshots of a DM allegedly sent to him where he was said to have been lambasted. You can call this DM the straw that broke the camel’s back.

With their no non-sense taking mindset, Erica’s fans went on an investigative venture to unravel the said fan with the mind-boggling DM.

The result of that investigation showed that Kiddwaya and Linek were the brains behind the DM, as they believed it was meant to clout chase with Erica.

Elites claimed that Linek typed the message claimed to be sent by a fan and sent it to Kiddwaya and posted it on their Twitter accounts.

They did not only claimed to have carried out an investigation; they gave evidence of analysis of what they found out. One of the Elites claimed.

As these were going on, Kiddwaya and Erica have also made tweets addressed to their fans.

Kidd tried his best to be as motivational as possible; “Let’s continue to spread love and positivity and stop attacking each other. We were family once upon a time. This world is big enough for all of us to flourish. 2021 will be everyone’s year. Amen”

She wrote; “Please don’t insult anyone in my name. This year started negative but it doesn’t have to continue being negative, if I get insulted by people it is now something I’m used to so please remove yourself from every negative energy.”

While these tweets are still generating huge reactions, a report has shown that Kiddwaya and Erica have again unfollowed themselves on Instagram.

It is not yet clear where all of these would end, but things are not smooth between the two BBNaija stars.

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