Clarence Peters in Detention Over Kodak’s Death

Music producer, Clarence Peters is the prime suspect for the death of popular dance, Kodak. He has been arrested, detained and being investigated by the Nigerian police for Kodak’s death. According to the police, there is a possibility of murder in the death of the dancer. This makes Clarence Peters the prime suspect.

Popular Dancer Kodak is Dead

According to the story that circulated with the news of Kodak’s death, she was electrocuted while charging her phone at Clarence Peter’s house. The police has said he will be detained until the result of the autopsy is verified.

Clarence Peters Arrested, Detained and Investigated for Kodak’s Death

However, a lot of her colleagues have come out to say she was actually electrocuted when she tried to charge her phone in the studio despite the warning to never plug devices while in the studio. A peculiar testimony is the one from a lady called Ruthie Gal on twitter who claimed she did not actually die in the house but on the way to the hospital.

Here is what she said happened.

Well, fingers crossed as Clarence Peters remains in custody until investigations are concluded.

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