CJN, Tanko Muhammad, Resigned for Other Reasons, Including Health

…14 Supreme Court Judges Drop Corruption Allegations

Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Tanko Muhammad, who resigned late Sunday night, might have disclosed that the reasons for his resignation was health related but failed to mention the other possibilities for his decision.

Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad communicated the message through his media aide, Ahuraka Yusuf Isah, who revealed the resignation moments ago.

However, Mohammad, nor his Aide, consciously left out details about the corruption allegations levelled against him by fourteen (14) Supreme Court Judges.

Corruption Allegation on CJN

A foreign broadcasting media platform reported there were corruption allegations contained in a protest memo signed by the 14 justices arguing that the CJN failed to release their full and legitimate entitlements.

The report further revealed that justice Tanko didn’t want to continue with the defence of the allegations against him, which prompted the surprise resignation.

The source disclosed that the Justice Mohammad had already instructed that the next highest ranking offical from the Supreme Court be brought in immediately he exits office and until the official swearing in of a permanent one.

By this proposal, Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, is the highest-ranking judge among all other Justices and might be sworn-in soon by President Muhammadu Buhari.

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