Chrisland Rape Scandal: Mom of 10-Year-Old Victim Speaks Out

The mother of the 10-year-old girl accused of being raped by a fellow student in Chrisland Schools, Victoria Garden City, Lagos, has spoken out.

Recall that Chrisland Schools, VGC, was called out by Ubi Franklin on Sunday after he received the news from a friend whose daughter was allegedly raped by her colleagues when they went for a school competition trip to Dubai. 

In a video shared on the Instagram page of the music artist manager, Ubi Franklin, the mother of the victim narrates how she got to know about the incident.

The mother of the 10-year-old girl named Julian revealed that about a month ago, she got a call from one Mrs Azike, a headteacher from Chrisland, who said she needed to see her. 

Julian’s mother revealed that she was out of Lagos at the time and could not visit the school until two days after she returned. 

“When I got to the school, I met Mrs Azike with two other women in the office and they introduced their selves, saying they came from Chrisland headquarters,” the mother said.

She stated that at the meeting, they accused her daughter of participating in a ‘Truth and Dare’ game in which she kissed a boy.

Chrisland Victims Mother Cries for Help

Julian’s mother revealed that she was advised to seize her daughter’s phone so that such an occurrence would not repeat itself. 

The distraught mother revealed that just last week, in a turn of events, she was invited to a Zoom meeting with the school’s Board of Directors.

During the meeting, Julian’s mother revealed that they said they wanted to follow up on her daughter and how she was doing. 

Obvious they were hiding something, Julian’s mother revealed that she insisted they should speak up on what happened to her daughter otherwise she would be forced to inform her husband, which he will not take likely.

After the meeting which yielded nothing, “A parent called me a day after the Zoom meeting, whom I visited and revealed that a video was trending in Chrisland and all parents are aware of it.”

The shocked mother said that she called Mrs Azike who denied knowledge of the video, and she had to beat the truth out of her daughter.

She said Julian revealed to her that Mrs Azike knew about the incident, but threatened her not to speak while some delegates interrogated Julian on Mother’s day without her consent.

“Julian was taken for a COVID-19 test three times which was actually a pregnancy test,” she added. 

Julian narrating the incident to her mother revealed that a certain Kachi borrowed her charger at the restaurant they went to eat in Dubai.

After returning to her room, Julian disclosed that a call came through from Kachi, who told her to come over to the boy’s room for her charger.

Julian added that on getting there, the boys who were all under the influence told her to drink some substance which she did and someone recorded the act which was circulated afterwards. 

Julian’s mother is calling on well-meaning Nigerians to help her daughter get Justice because Chrisland messed her up.

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