Chidinma Ekile Gives Reason for Becoming Gospel Singer

Talented singer and songwriter, Chidinma Ekile shocked Nigerians when she officially announced her switch from making secular music to becoming a gospel musician.

For a while, Chidinma went off grid in the music scene after gradually slowing down on her music production for a while. After being away for a while, fans of the musician started asking questions and making assumptions as to why she was silent.

Chidinma Ekile Gives Reason For Becoming Gospel Singer
Chidinma Ekile

Chidinma Ekile Reveals Reason for Becoming Gospel Singer

Although her rebrand as a gospel artiste has laid some of those questions to rest, it had awakened the curiosity in other fans leading to even more reactions. Moments after the rebrand, Chidinma Ekile reveals why she made the switch. Her statement read in part;

“The enemy has been winning for too long. I’ve had my share of influence and all of that, but now I’m using all of that, everything the enemy thought he had given to me though was given to me by God, while he was lying that he gave them to me, now I’m using all of that to work for my father.”

She also mentioned that she will be going into ministry full time as she has wasted precious time meant for propagating the gospel in the world of secular entertainment.

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