Cheating Scandal: Simi’s Mum Intervenes

A few days after Adekunle Gold was accused of cheating on his wife, Simi, his mother-in-law Mrs Jedidiah Ogunleye has dished out a few relationship advice.

In a series of tweets monitored by EveryEvery.ng, Simi’s mum noted that not all men get involved in cheating on their wives. She added that not all women get married because of the love of money.

According to the tweet on her handle @Jedishola, the fact that people got married to an irresponsible man or women does not mean all men or women are untrustworthy. She opined that some men and women hold their integrity close to their hearts. 

Meanwhile, she advised her followers on the social media app to exercise caution in choosing their partners.

“All men don’t cheat; all men are not scums; all women don’t marry because of the love of money. All women are not proud; all men are not untrustworthy. All women are not proud. Say these to yourself, and be careful in your choices. Be discerning and check your and his or her motive.”

Simi’s Mum

In another tweet, she advised those who have made mistakes in their choice of partner not to judge all marriages based on their errors or experience, adding that there are still good marriages.

“Yes, you made a wrong judgement in your choice; that’s okay; I have been there, but don’t use that to judge every marriage. There are great, loving, beautiful couples who are enjoying their marriages. Just learn from those who made mistakes & copy those who are enjoying theirs.”

 Simi'S Mum Dish Out Relationship Advice
Simi’s Mum and her daughter, Simisola Kosoko.

She also advised her followers to stop generalizing issues around marriage.

Speaking on how people envisage other peoples’ downfall, she said, “You can’t be a joyful person and rejoice when bad things happen to someone. Your heart must be evil and wicked if all you are waiting for is to hear bad things happen to people’s family, job, health etc. Check your heart if you rejoice over negative occurrences.

Meanwhile, she advised anyone moving with friends who always have negative things to say about all men and women to cut ties with such people, adding that bad friends destroy peoples’ destiny.

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