Cee-C Apologizes To Man She Ignored After He Checked Her Out

BBNaija superstar Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C apologizes to man that she ignored while he was checking her out.

Not only did she apologise, but she also launched a search for the guy.

According to Cee-c the man was wearing a black traditional attire and had beards.

She said he was checking her out but she moved away to fast and ignored him.

For this, she apologised profusely and shared in a video that if the guy was seeing the video, he should come downstairs because she was waiting for him.

Cee-c said she was ready to hear what he had to say and she was sorry for not paying him any mind.

In her video she said,

“Hello guys, please eh If you know that you are that somebody so that I just saw minutes ago at someplace,
you know the place I saw you and you are wearing a black senator.
I just passed you, you did eye contact, you have beards ahh.
E be like say you dey wear glasses, I don’t remember and then you were checking me out, you know.
I’m sorry, forgive me, I passed you too quickly.
I am outside waiting for you, just come, come outside because my blessings cannot pass me by.”

he lawyer and entrepreneur has no news of being in a relationship so this may be the lucky guy’s shot

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