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Car Knocks Man Unconscious at Kubwa/Gwarimpa Expressway

A car knocked a man unconscious in the early morning hours while he attempted to cross the Kubwa/Gwarimpa Expressway.

Yesterday, at the time an correspondent witnessed the accident, the unidentified male lay flat on the ground without any sign of movement at the Kubwa/Gwarimpa Expressway, Abuja.

It was unclear whether the accident victim was still alive or dead at the time of filing this report.

However, the vehicle owner, who was still at the accident scene, was heard explaining to observers that the unconscious man suddenly came out of nowhere and attempted to cross the road speedily.

How Driver accidentally Hit Man Unconscious

He (name withheld) further explained that he had no idea any person would cross as the incident occurred, adding that the decision to wait behind was to clear his conscience and prove that his driving was unquestionably accurate.

The correspondent who observed the unpleasant scene noticed that the accident caused a major traffic jam as other vehicles tried carefully to avoid the body sitting still on the road.

Meanwhile, at the time, the route where the incident happened was quite distant from where the Federal Roads Safety Corps, FRSC officials were situated.

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Car Knocks Man Unconscious at Kubwa/Gwarimpa Expressway
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