Cancer Survivor Tells How Bobrisky Saved His Life

A survivor of Leukemia, which is cancer of the blood, has told a gripping story of how controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky played a huge part in his survival story by contributing to his treatment.

According to the young man, identified as Rhemylekun Horsh Muller, on Instagram, he was diagnosed with both lymphoma and leukaemia at once, suffered severe negative transformations as his condition deteriorated and got progressively worse.

Bobrisky helps save cancer patient’s life

As his condition continued to worsen, his friends and family decided to create awareness about his condition and solicit donations to raise money for his medical bills. Step in, Bobrisky.

The young man posted a video on his page in which his name was revealed as Solomon Kolawole, and he detailed the entire experience and how Bobrisky contributed largely to the donations set up on his behalf. He tagged the crossdresser in the caption, and she responded.

Reacting, she wrote, “@rhemylekunhorsh I’m glad you appreciate all my effort, sometimes don’t ignore some dm you might be saving a life. I’m super proud I saved a life from death. Thanks, my fans too. God bless you guys.” 

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