Burna Boy In Cheating Scandal After Side Chic Calls Him Out

Commotion as viral video puts Burna Boy in cheating scandal

Self-acclaimed African giant, Burna boy in cheating scandal as his alleged side chic has done a tell-all on social media.

 The news broke this morning after the side chic who is identified as Jopearl called out Burna boy for leaving her in the shadows for two years. According to the 23-year-old entrepreneur, when Burna Boy sent her a Dm she did not respond for about a week because she was reluctant at first. However, when they started speaking he was sweet and funny so she fell for him.

Jopearl also went ahead to share details of her discussion with Burna where they made plans for the future. She mentioned that both of them had plans of birthing twins when they got married.

Burna Boy In Cheating Scandal After Side Chic Calls Him Out 1
Burna Boy In Cheating Scandal With Side Chic, Jopearl

 On why she came out with this story, the model said she was tired of being kept a secret especially seeing that Burna Boy who she was protecting will not do the same for her.

She admitted that she is in love with Burna Boy but she knows he doesn’t feel the same and it is mentally draining for her. In her words,

”For the past two years, we have never stopped seeing each other. I have been seeing him and we don’t talk about it because we just go about it as it doesn’t exist. People are aware of us. If you looked closely, you’d always see me in the background somewhere”

 Burna Boy and his girlfriend have made no comment on these but trust that internet warriors have had a go at the situation.

 This is not the first time that there have been rumours of cheating with Burna Boy however, this is the first time there has been a face to it.

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