Buju Opens up on His Contract With Burna Boy

Popularly known as Buju, Daniel Benson has opened up on his decision to cancel his contract with Burna Boy record label.

In 2020 Burna Boy signed the fast-rising star Buju to his record label Spaceship Collective after Burna boy showed interest in his music “Lenu” and had a remix.

However, in a recent interview, Buju revealed that his contract with the record label ended in 2021. Still, he refused to extend the contract because he wanted to do things differently to Burna Boy.

The fast-rising star also affirmed that Burna Boy gave him the consent to go ahead with what he wanted to do.

Buju said, “I didn’t renew the contract after a year because I want to do things on my own differently. I’ve seen how it works around there and it does not necessarily flow with me.”

Still speaking on the contract, the singer noted that Affiliation is only great when working for the person. 

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