Brymo Accused of Rape Again By Another Woman

Brymo accused of rape again by another woman. With the wave for calling out men who are rapists happening on twitter, women are coming up to call out men who have, in one way or the other, taken advantage of them.

A lady had come up to accuse Brymo of taking advantage of her when she visited him with her friend. According to her, it happened in an attempt by her to protect her friend from him.

Recall that a certain lady Uche Nelo had come openly to accuse Brymo of raping her. Coincidentally, he released his album Ośó at that time and so, the case did not receive adequate attention.

Brymo Accused of Rape Again By Another Woman

Now according to this lady, she told a friend of hers that she knew the singer Brymo personally. She requested if she could meet him. An arrangement that was done with Brymo’s permission. However, things took an ugly turn when Brymo sat too close for comfort near the visiting friend and began touching her inappropriately.

The friend who set up the meeting tried to stop him. She alleged that he locked her in a room where he took him to call him to order and gave her the option of having his way with her or he goes for her friend. The rest is history.

Another striking pointer to this is the statement Brymo gave in an interview with Joey Akan. According to Brymo, there was a time in his life when he spent 16 months being rude to women. He sad he did it to intentionally annoy women he came in contact with. He accepted that those actions were crazy and largely unacceptable. Brymo classified that 16 months period as “wild times”.

Brymo Accused of Rape Again By Another Woman

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