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Brekete Family Live: After 20yrs, Son of Late Police Gets Only N20k Inheritance

Brekete Family Live show treated a case of one Goje Micheal, the son of another late police officer who passed on in active service.

The case is around the young man’s inheritance, Micheal, who received only twenty thousand naira from his father’s benefits.

During the live programme on Friday, 22, 2021, Micheal revealed that after twenty years and still counting, the police paid just N20,000 for the stated period.

Late Police Son in Accident Chasing Pension- Brekete Family Live

In the process of chasing the benefits, the female officer in charge of his late father’s file dodged having a meeting with him for several years, transferring from different states to avoid the face to face transaction.

While tracking the officer to Lagos, where she was newly transferred to, Goje Micheal was hit by a motorbike that almost cost his life, and he had to be hospitalised temporarily.

When he partially recovered, he continued the search for this absconding officer, where he finally caught up with her and retrieved the father’s file.

A letter attached to the file instructed Micheal to come over to the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, to process the rest of the funds.

Meanwhile, it is unclear whether there is hope for Goje Micheal in gaining access to the full entitlements when monitoring the live programme.

However, the BreketeFamily team advised that he should honour the invitation and visit Abuja for updates on his benefits’ present state and report back to the Human Rights Radio for further actions.

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