Bread burger, Mac-D or Local burger is arguably the most popular snack in Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria. Interestingly, the northerners have always been known not to hold back when it comes to getting creative and experimenting with food. It was at my grandma’s house in Kano I first tasted Indomie noodles mixed with “dadawa”. The fact that we don’t have a local pizza place or a burger king here in Zaria certainly doesn’t prevent us from “living the life”, we make do with what we can get. Also, this local burger has gained  massive popularity among students & residents of the town. Even people visiting aren’t an exception because of its delicious taste and mouth watering appeal.

A local Mac-D shop


Mac-D is made from two simple ingredients namely Bread and spicy meat. On a skewer locally known as Suya (preferably tsire). It is basically a sandwich filled with roasted beef together with pepper(optional) and vegetables.

How it is made.

For the optimal treat, the first thing you’d need to do is to pick out the unsliced bread. Make sure it is not too hard, you’ll thank me later. The suya seller then slices it from the middle. Puts the bread near the red hot embers of coal to heat. This gives it an impression of toasting. You are at liberty to choose the amount of skewers of meat you’d want him to put in the mix. After semi-toasting the bread,  simply spread the mayonnaise or butter on it. Then fill it with vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, cabbages and onions depending on what you like. Also , Sprinkle some yaji (grounded Cayenne pepper) to enhance its taste. Then fold the bread, and roll it in a newspaper to form a type of a  shawarma shape. In my opinion, “Local shawarma” would have been a more suitable name because it looks more like shawarma than burger.

If you are yet to taste your first ” Mac-D”, I’d strongly advice against making it yourself, because you may falter in the preparation, as easy as the steps may look. Therefore I suggest you patronise your local Suya/bread burger seller. The reason is that there are levels to making bread burger, it is indeed a skill which takes several years of practice to perfect. Rolling it in the  newspaper alone needs careful attention or else you’ll end up spilling the contents of the bread on the floor.

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