Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, About to Quit Office

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, PM, is already showing signs that he might just submit to the demands of the the senior cabinet ministers asking him to resign honourably.

Already, no fewer than five cabinet members (Ministers) have resigned from the British PM administration, and words reaching out to the international media confirms that more senior ministers might also quit office before the day runs out.

Following these developments, the body language of BorisJohnson clearly interprets him leaving the prime ministerial position after facing so much pressure from British Conservationists, among other Members of the Parliament. MPs.

Boris Johnson Under Pressure to Resign

His consideration to resign did not happen without a fight as the British PM kicked against the idea of politicians seeing him as incompetent despite doing everything in his power to change the narrative.

Funny his Conservative Party members tagged his administration as one that is dogged by months of scandals, including negligence to serve justice to a deserving sexual offender that he rather promoted, instead of sanctioning after various allegations of sexual misconduct was levelled against the accused, Chris Pincher, a friend and ally to the British PM.

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