Bobrisky & Nkechi Blessing Fight Dirty Over Tattoo

Nigerian celebrities, Bobrisky & Nkechi Blessing are in a tug of war over tattoo issue.

Bobrisky had earlier dragged celebrities that couldn’t afford to give their fans money for drawing their tattoo.

This was coming after reality star, Ka3na, lampooned a fan who drew her tattoo and criticized other celebrities giving money in return for tattoo. Read More

Nkechi Blessing had also slammed a lady who tattooed her name in her hand which made her to apologize later stating that she didn’t know that the tattoo was real.

Bobrisky & Nkechi Blessing In Tug of war

Problem later started after a fan mocked Nkechi Blessing for being scared of the male barbie.

Nkechi in her response then lampooned both the fan and Bobrisky. She wrote, “abi you and Bobrisky dey mad? You want make I swear for you?

Nkechi Blessing Lashes Bobrisky And Fan
Nkechi Blessing lashes Bobrisky and fan

The comment got Bobrisky’s attention who then dragged the actress to filth and called for war.

Bob wrote, “Never in your life mention your name on your page again!!! I repeat if u nor want make ogun and sango strike you.. Na me say make you dey do audio giveaway for your page?”

Bobrisky Blast Nkechi
Bobrisky blast Nkechi

The male barbie didn’t stop at that as she dared to expose Nkechi Blessing of her bad records.

Nkechi in her reply stated that Bobrisky wanted war since 2019. The thespian in her word said that Bob who is a man is dragging her because of a man who he wants to date

She went as far as telling Bobrisky to go for skin surgery after using numerous skin bleaching cream on his body.

Nkechi Drags Bob
Nkechi drags Bob

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The battle continues with Bob saying all sort of things about Nkechi who he claimed has been sleeping with several men in the movie industry. The transgender also used the opportunity to show off his 4 posh cars.

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