Bobrisky in Torn Cloth Mess (See Pic)

Bobrisky in Torn Cloth

Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky is in a social media mess right now as she is being dragged for wearing not only a torn, but worn out dress in a video.

The self acclaimed billionaire who flaunts her flambouyant life on social media was seen with a terribly looking inner wear, while he was busy advising ladies on how to get for themselves rich men.

The male barbie was not spared by his fans who spotted some holes in the inner he had on in the video.

Bobrisky In Torn Cloth
Bobrisky in Torn Cloth

Bobrisky’s black inner did not only have several holes, it also looks faded and tired from being possibly over used.

He was trolled by social media users who wondered how he could wear such cloth while lecturing on how to get rich boyfriend he claims to have.

The crossdresser has for a time now lectured ladies on how to give men who ask for their phone number their account details as well.

He also condemned ladies who in the name of hoping to be engaged, go to their boyfriend’s house to do domestic chores.

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