Bobrisky Addresses Fans On Why Her Fanny Isn’t As Big As Expected

Bobrisky addresses her fans as they attack her on her backside not being as big as they expected after her surgery.

Bobrisky, a contentious Nigerian crossdresser and celebrity, explains why his/her fanny is not as big as expected, even after a butt lift surgery.

Bobrisky, who recently revealed her post-surgery body mentioned that he/she decided to go for an average fanny size proportional to his/her thigh size. He/she further stated that she didn’t have enough body fat to achieve the body his/her fans were expecting.

Bobrisky'S New Body
Bobrisky’s New Body

She made a post addressing the topic on his/her Instagram page, which he/she later deleted.

He/she said,

“Some of you are dumb; you here are dumb you are looking for a very big ass and hips right? You forgot to ask yourself dis question does bob has many fat to get all that mighty curves you all are expecting”.

This post was made after her fans took to social media to express how they felt about her post-surgery body. Some people even went ahead to say she didn’t have any work done on her body, while others urged her to ask for a refund from her doctors.

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