Blind Beggar Rejects Bad Money from Lady

A reportedly blind beggar has rejected money given to him by a lady who was onboard a tricycle popularly known as ‘keke’.

The lady who was angered by the act, cursed at the blind beggar and swore never to assist him again.

However, the man asking for help from passersby, hinted that he was only able to identify the bad money with the help of a child around the time of this incident.

He stressed that it was the little boy that pointed his attention to the bad currency in which he annoyingly threw it back to the lady that gave it to him.

There was a trending video clip online that showed the infuriated AkwaIbom man yelling back at the helper and allegedly knocked her for acting in such a distasteful manner.

Reacting, the woman wondered how a person who claimed to be blind was able to detect a bad currency denomination.

However, several persons online have been reacting to the video as some are still blaming the woman for giving him torn money while others believe he’s a fraud for pretending to be visually impaired.

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