Blaqbonez: People Thought I Would End Up in Rehab

Fast-rising Nigerian Music star Emeka Akumefule popularly known as Blaqbonez has recalled the times when people thought he was going to end up in rehab for drugs.

The singer relived this moment in a Twitter post on Wednesday, where he revealed that he had serious anxiety issues for fear of ending up like his uncle who was hooked on drugs.

Blaqbonez thought to be on Drugs

The 26-year-old singer wrote“had an uncle that used to rap, didn’t happen for him, he then got hooked on drugs, from rehab to rehab till he ended up in the village when I started rapping everyone thought I would end up like that but boy did it turn out so different, I stay proving em wrong 

used to say ‘I see the spirit of uncle *** inside him’ and it used to hurt me so badly, it then built a serious fear and anxiety in me, in everything I did, cos I constantly thought “what if they’re true?”

Blaqbonez has received applause from fans and colleagues for his unique content and ways he markets his shows and music on social media.

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