Biography of Rosie a Housemate of the Ultimate Love Reality TV Show Season 1

Name: Rosemary Afuwape (Rosie)
Age : 35 years
Gender: Female
State of Origin: Ogun
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: on: teacher
Status: Single
Hobby: Non: Swimming and Cooking

Biography of Rosie

Rosie as she chose to be called on the Maiden edition of the Ultimate Love Reality TV Show has been described as one of the first you can describe as pretty in the love pad. She was among the first 16 Love Guests that began the Ultimate Love Reality TV show.

A beauty who is passionate about grooming the next generation takes pride in introducing herself as a Pre-School teacher. Coming on the show for her is her own way of telling the world that she is not ready to give-up on love.

Biography Of Rosie A Housemate Of The Ultimate Love Reality Tv Show Season 1

She has suffered a devastating heartbreak after dedicating 12 years of her to love and cherish a particular man, which was her longest relationship. She gets emotional while talking about this particular relationship she said ended in a very devastating way. She has also dedicated another six months into the shortest relationship she ever had.

Though she is not ready to give up on her quest for love, Rosie wants to be with a man who will make her feel secured.

Her love language is good communication, understanding, respect and she does not joke with trust. No matter how good looking you might be as a man, Rosie does not believe in love at first sight. So her coming on Ultimate Love Reality TV show, is not to get the most good looking guy.

The Ultimate Love Reality TV show Love Guest called called Rosie is a strict with handling her daily life, but she is also strict with her heart. She will only connect with a man who is mentally sound.

Before Rosie came on Ultimate Love Reality TV, she had two male kids. The first who is 13 years does not currently live with her, as she said he was taken away from her and she does not know where he is at the moment. Her second son is 3 years – old and currently lives with her.

Behind all of these information about Rosie, she still loves her smiles. That is what she loves most about herself.

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