BBNaija Update: Video Receipt of Whitemoney and Pere Meeting Resurfaces

The BBNaija house has been on fire for a while and the two closest to the flame are Whitemoney and Pere with their recent fallout coming two days ago.

Since the second day of the show, it was obvious that both housemates had a certain energy about them and it was not positive which materialised as the days went by. Just two days ago, the two men had an altercation that led to the whole house disliking Pere because they felt he has been bullying Whitemoney.

That fight was just the effect of pent-up tension because, before that, Pere removed Whitemoney from Kitchen duty when he was the Head of House, claiming that he was monopolizing the kitchen. Pere also claimed that he does not like him because White money did not shake his hands on the launch day and that drew the battle line for him.

Whitemoney and Pere Actually Shook Hands on Launch Day

Although that is not enough reason to pick on anyone, fans of the big brother Naija show have dug out the video of the launch day and it clearly shows Whitemoney shaking and hugging Pere as he walked in. Here is a snapshot;

Bbnaija Update: Video Receipt Of Whitemoney And Pere Meeting Resurfaces 1
Whitemoney and Pere Shaking and Hugging

This evidence presented then begs the question, could it be something else bugging Pere or was the handshake that forgettable?

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