BBNaija Update: Pere and Maria Hold Secret Meeting Over White Money

The new head of the house, Pere, has given us another BBNaija update while in the lounge discussing with Maria. Pere and Maria were discussing housemates duties when Pere said he suspects White Money of using cooking in the kitchen as his game strategy.

BBNaija housemate White Money has used his cooking skills to win the hearts of the viewers and housemates. Within hours of entering the big brother house, White money became known as the “Kitchen boy.”

Pere, however, suspects that White Money is using his cooking to stay on the show and possibly win the cash prize. He disclosed this to his deputy Maria, saying that Whitemoney is always in the kitchen because it is a strategy.

He further said that he had noticed this from day one when they got into big brother house and went on to ask if Maria could cook.

In his statement, he said he is against the idea of one person cooking for everybody during the entire stay.
He added that it is not logical because it will only create a ‘you all would need me’ or ‘you all have to need me’ mentality, which is detrimental.

He tagged it as horrible, stating that it is something he doesn’t like.
Although Maria defended Whitemoney, saying that he knows how well the kitchen operations work.

Pere still stood his ground, saying it is a game and not a vacation; if that is his strategy, it is good, but he wouldn’t take it as he is the head of the house.

Still talking about this, he vowed to do everything to ensure white money is not always in the kitchen, making it known to Maria that he could also cook.

This disclosure of Pere saying he knows how to cook prompted Maria to ask him why he hasn’t volunteered to cook before; he responded that he doesn’t want a brawl with anybody.

He said, “I’m a very aggressive person, and I don’t want people to misconstrue my aggressiveness for being extremely rude and disrespectful.”

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