BBNaija Update: Peace Declares Herself Second Big Brother

Still bringing the BBNaija updates, the first head of house in the 6th edition of Big Brother Naija show, Peace, has announced her new position as the ‘second big brother’.

During a private conversation with Jackie B, Peace shared her opinions about the ships in the big brother house. They talked about Nini still hanging around Saga all the time when she had informed everyone about her boyfriend, who is outside the house.

BBNaija Update: Peace Declares Herself Second Big Brother

As someone who enjoys inspecting, asking questions, looking and listening closely, Peace crowned herself the second biggie when she said, “…I’m the second big brother. My eyes are everywhere.”

This claim doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the show religiously. Peace is known for her investigative prowess in the BBNaija house.

Bbnaija Update: Peace Declares Herself Second Big Brother
BBNaija Update: Peace and Jackie B

In other news, Peace revealed just a few hours ago that she is crushing on Pere, but doesn’t want to get involved because she knows that he has eyes for Maria.

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