BBNaija Update: Housemates Reacts to Nomination in Diary Session

Housemates have again given us another BBnaija Update as they share their secrets and mood with big brother during their diary session.

Talking about the nomination, Arin suspects Pere, Tega, Maria and Liquorose nominated her. She nominated Emmanuel because they have little connection and Tega because she is antagonistic, and her energy is less predictable.

Angel expressed her surprise over Saga being nominated for possible eviction, but she feels he was selected because he follows Arin and Nini. She also said she nominated Emmanuel and Princess because they have the least connection with her.

Boma said Arin, Nini and Peace are called the three musketeers, and the housemates feel they are strong together, so Arin and Nini were put up for possible eviction. On who he nominated, Saskay as he doesn’t feel she is strong enough to be in the house and Princess because she has been under the radar and doesn’t connect with housemates.

Cross is not confident he made the right choice on the nomination, but he nominated Princess and Tega because he is not close to them compared to the other housemates. He is also not looking forward to other nominations.

BBNaija Update: Housemates Reacts to Nomination in Diary Session

Emmanuel, one of the housemates up for possible eviction, expresses his worries about eviction. He thinks he was nominated because he is seen as a competition. He nominated Arin; he feels she has negative energy, and Angel is a distraction to him.

Jackie B found it difficult to pick her nominees, but she settled with Nini and Saga because she doesn’t see herself getting close to them. She was also surprised Pere did not replace her with Saga.

Jay Paul said Tega told him she would be nominated because she suspected different cliques in the house, and they think she was always behind every quarrel. He nominated peace because she was a major force in him being the wildcard.

JMK says she is feeling very grateful to be in Big Brother’s house and is still processing her feelings, although she feels the house could be more united. She, however noted that the late entry could have played a part in the perceived disunity. She also said she hopes to get far in the game so that she’ll learn more about herself and her capabilities.

Met with a short silent treatment from Biggie, Kayvee expressed how happy and excited he was to be living the dream. He shared that the BBNaija platform is a golden opportunity to grow his brand as a photographer and gain loyal fans. He also reminded Biggie of the nametags for the new housemates, as well as a welcome package and some abeg naira.

Liquorose expresses her shock in seeing Niyi, Yerins, and Beatrice go, albeit stating that she may have anticipated Beatrice’s exit. on the last nominations, she said she went blank and had to just randomly nominate people for possible eviction. She opined that the Saga, Nini and Arin have formed an almost unbreakable bond making them the strongest clique.

Deputy head of house, Maria felt scared that she would be nominated but was thankful Pere picked her as his deputy. she said that it would have been because of the whole wildcard situation and maybe the housemates were still upset at them. Maria also said that she only accepted the deputy head of house position because she did not want Pere to feel bad and also help him be more assertive. She said she picked Arin because they both have fake love between themselves and Angel because she was flirting with Emmanuel despite knowing that he had a thing with her bestie, Liquorose. she also thought Angel to be deceptive.

Micheal was very grateful to be in the house and hopes to grow so much in all spheres of the house. He also added that the entire house was being homely and friendly towards the newbies. He also made a request of Biggie.

Nini shared that she believed Tega, Princess, and Liquorose put her up fr eviction while she nominated Princess and Emmanuel because they are not so close. She admitted to playing the game with her heart instead of her head.

Peace agreed that Arin was a target for the nomination, but Nini and Saga definitely surprised her. She mentioned that she nominated Tega because she is disrespectful and a forcefully bossy person who does not apologize when she is wrong, sighting the fight Tega had with Nini. on nominated Princess, it was just because they did not have a connection.

BBNaija Update on Nominations

Princess says that she nominated Saga because she feels he is a competition and a threat to her game, but for Arin, it was nothing personal.

Queen spoke about being passionate about women’s development and involvement in societal activities. She also commended Pere for his leadership so far.

Saga admitted that the evictions were an emotional eye-opener to him and Niyi’s exit was the most painful for him. He was also shocked that he and Nini were put up for possible eviction and said that he wanted Pere to save Nini instead of him.

Sammie said the last evictions started the game for him and woke the housemates up to reality. He also added that nominating Tega and Princess was very random.

Saskay admitted that the pressure of the evictions is beginning to kick in. She said she nominated Whitemoney and Nini because they might be the biggest competition in the house.

Surprisingly, Tega feels elated at being nominated because it shows she is doing something right and makes it clear to Biggie that she does not feel the need to discuss who nominated her. However, she said she nominated Nini and Arin because it is their turn. She added that Arin has an annoying attitude which may have influenced her decision.

Yousef said he put Arin up because she had a habit of saying whatever is in her mind without filter to the annoyance of many, and for Boma, it was just due to the fact that he saw Boma as competition and not a revenge for putting him up last week.

Pere stepped in, thankful for his head of house win. He spoke about nominating Saskay and Princess because they are not strong in the house.

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