BBNaija Update 2021: Yousef Drags Saskay into Relationship Talk

Brace up for more BBNaija updates as more housemates are currently opening up on who they’re feeling in the house. Even Yousef is tired of being avoided by Saskay and decided to confront her to talk it out.

Recall that during a diary session with Biggie, Saskay mentioned Yousef as one of the guys that like her in the house. But recently, she has been spending more time with Jaypaul, leaving Yousef hanging with no attention.

BBNaija Update 2021: Yousef Drags Saskay into Relationship Talk

Yousef, who has waited for more than two weeks, approached Saskay to have a face-to-face talk about their relationship stand.

He started by asking her why she has been avoiding him, and Saskay, in defence, admitted that she has been avoiding him, but not because she doesn’t like him. She said it’s because their vibes don’t match, and she didn’t know how to tell him in a way that wouldn’t come off wrong, so she decided to distance herself from him.

Bbnaija Update 2021: Yousef Drags Saskay Into Relationship Talk
BBNaija Update 2021: Yousef and Saskay

Saskay also said she didn’t want to lead him on, knowing that it wouldn’t work out. She further noted that a relationship in the house was a big no for her as she loves someone outside.

Conclusively, she weighed her options and decided to share her bed with Jaypaul but insisted that she didn’t pick him over Yousef.

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