BBNaija Update 2021: Whitemoney Expresses Concern Over Kayvee

A new week in the Big Brother house comes with BBNaija updates as Whitemoney expresses concern over Kayvee’s behaviour and attitude since he came into the house.

According to the ‘Kitchen boy’, Kayvee has been acting bizarrely since his entrance into the reality tv show. He has been acting strangely and sometimes withdraws from the other housemates.

While conversing with other housemates, Whitemoney said Kayvee acts weird, and he wonders if he is playing a prank on the housemates.

Still talking about it, Whitemoney narrated one of his experiences with Kayvee. He said Kayvee went to the washing machine used by someone else and turned it off. He then went to the tap, opened it, washed his face, looked at the housemates there, hissed and took his leave. 

He further said that he tried talking to Kayvee once, and he refused to return his pleasantries.

He said, “it’s not funny anymore. For real, it’s no more funnyHe’s getting weird. I don’t know if he’s playing a prank or has lost senses.”

Liquorose and Emmanuel, however, said Kayvee attitude might be ‘cruise’.

While discussing the same issue with Cross and JMK, JMK also agreed that Kayvee has been acting strange, and the housemates have reported it to big brother to do something regarding it, to take him for self-examination.

She narrated an ordeal she had with Kayvee. She said she thought he was fine in the afternoon and the evening; while he was sleeping close to her bed, he jumped up and shouted.

She said, “I went out and came back, but he was not on the bed again. I saw him in the courtyard again. I was trying to talk to him, but he’s not answering anybody.”

Cross said he doesn’t know what Kayvee might be going through, but he must be going through a lot.

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