BBNaija Update 2021: ‘Michael is Pompous’ – Jackie B to Yousef

The Michael and Jackie B ship seems to be heading for a crash as she gives us another BBNaija update while conversing with Yousef about her relationship with Michael.

The single mother believes that Michael, who she had earlier said she was attracted to, is pompous, and she wouldn’t want to be attached to him.

While speaking with fellow housemate Yousef, she stated that her friendship with Michael seemed as if it was about to bring up disrespect to her and to avoid it, she has decided to distance herself from him.

She also said that Michael seems to be close to Angel and discusses everything with her, which is unacceptable.

BBNaija Update 2021: ‘Michael is Pompous’ – Jackie B Tells Yousef

She went further to disclose to Yousef that Michael had disrespected her twice by pushing her on the chest.

When Michael came into the house, she quickly moved away from Boma to him and seemed to get upset when Angel was with Michael.

But the reverse is the case now as she has decided to stir her ship away from Michael.

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