BBNaija Update 2021: ‘I Want to Have my Kids Early’ – Jackie B

Housemates Jackie B and Michael have given us more BBNaija updates as they shared their thought on having kids early.

The two housemates were sitting comfortably at a corner in the big brother Naija house as they talked about life after the show and their thoughts on family life. Michael spoke about how he would love to have a smart baby boy with long hair as his, looks exactly like he does with a bit of cockiness, and how he’d play mind games with him every now and then.

Bbnaija Update 2021: 'I Want To Have My Kids Early' - Jackie B
BBNaija Update 2021: Jackie B and Michael

Jackie B said her son looks completely likes his father. From his looks to his behaviour, and added that she didn’t mind him looking like his father.

Furthermore, they talked about the changes in the female body after giving birth. Michael talked about how some women would give birth to a dozen children and still look like they haven’t tried it before and how it’s the complete opposite for some who immediately look like they have been through the world’s problems after having one child.

BBNaija Update 2021: ‘I Want to Have my Kids Early’ – Jackie B

Jackie B jumped on it and said this was the reason she wanted to have her kids early. Doing so would enable her time to take care of herself later.

The mother of one stated that left for her, she would have been done with having kids by now, as taking care of kids at old age isn’t part of her life’s plan.

“I started early, so why not?” She concluded.

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