BBNaija Update 2021: Details of Housemates’ Diary Session

The BBNaija updates of the day is the details of the housemates diary session with Biggie, where they shared their thoughts on all that has happened since their last session.

Saga was the first one to step into the diary room. Speaking on the house’s reaction to Kayvee’s exit and he said it was so sad that he had to go in such a short time and added that some of the housemates’ think it is a mental health issue while others think it is spiritual. On Maria, he said she is doing a good job but may get overwhelmed with the power. Saga said he didn’t have to prove anything to Maria so she can keep him in the house but felt Queen and Pere may be evicted by Maria.

Jackie B was definitely unhappy with the fact that Maria had so much power this week. She felt that some people have more luck/power than others in the house. She touched on the fight with Whitemoney saying that she felt bad about how he felt after the fight. She absolutely detests the fact that they have to suck up to Maria to remain in the house and thinks Pere and Queen will be nominated for eviction.

Michael says the mood in the house is mellow and they received the news of Kayvee’s withdrawal in a sentimental way. Describing the Head of House, he said she was mentally structured and is a good leader but thinks she’ll evict Queen for emotional reasons while JMK may leave for blending out. He asked for a keyboard and advice on Jackie B.

The special nomination process is putting Liquorose on edge. She shared how sad the house was over Kayvee’s exit. She is convinced that her friendship with Maria wouldn’t make her biased. On nominations, she said she would pick Pere if she was in Maria’s shoes because he was very disrespectful to her yesterday, then Queen. She also ranted about the food.

Queen stepped next and shared how emotional Kayvee’s exit made her feel. Surprisingly, she commended Maria’s leadership but shared that she will do what she is supposed to do although unsure is their history will affect her stay in her house. She also touched on the issues with Boma last weekend.

Punishment on the housemates was delivered by Pere who went in to explain what led to that altercation with Whitemoney.

Cross confessed that he was not in the best of moods due to the drama that panned out yesterday. He tried to clarify the whispering game that led the housemates in trouble and after accepting faults he delved into the Whitemoney situation. After venting, Biggie asked him to take a moment and gather himself.

BBNaija Update 2021: Details of Housemates’ Diary Session

Angel thought Maria to be a good leader, compared to ‘some people’ according to her. She promised to do her chores in the house diligently. On eviction, she guessed Queen and Whitemoney as the housemates that Maria may likely put up for possible eviction.

JMK commended Maria on doing an excellent job as the head of the house but feels it is a lot of power given to one person to evict. She also told Biggie that the housemates are in the movie “Hunger games.”

Head of House, Maria, stated that the housemates felt it was good Kayvee left to get help but was also sad he had to exit the show due to such a reason.
On being the head of the house, she feels when the housemates find out the eviction is not real, they might doubt her true personality.

Talking about Kayvee withdrawal from the show, Nini felt terrible because he lost an excellent opportunity to be on the big brother reality show. It was emotional when Arin was evicted because she liked her, and it doesn’t feel the same way in the house without her. She also thinks Pere is Rigid and tries to be Bossy.

One thing a lot of the housemates shared is the knowledge of the general dislike for Pere

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