BBNaija: Seyi Defines Relationship With Tacha

At a point in the Big Brother ‘PepperDem’ season, the viewers believed that two housemates Awolowo Seyi and Tacha would be an item but finally, years down the line Seyi defines relationship with Tacha clearly.

Despite being friends during the game show, the relationship between the two turned sour after they had a disagreement in the house and nothing, not even the reunion was able to restore that bond.

Bbnaija: Seyi Defines Relationship With Tacha
Seyi Defines Relationship With Tacha

Seyi Defines Relationship With Tacha

This unexpected question came up during a Tv interview and the hosts of the show asked Seyi how things were with Tacha and the reality tv star admitted that things were not so great with her although they were not particularly fighting.

On why he got close to her in the house, Seyi said;

“I saw a side that I felt needed a friend. I thought she was the type of person that had been betrayed by a lot of friends and all she needed to do was have a good friend. Not the kind of friend that wanted to have sex or nothing, just a listening ear”

He further explained that what the viewers did not understand was that everyone who tried to be friends with Tacha did so with genuine intentions but along the line, the disqualified housemate would act up and spoil everything.

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