BBNaija Season 5: More On Ozo, Nengi Romance

The romance between BBNaija season 5 housemates,Ozo and Nengi rekindles against all odds

We know that before Ka3na left the BBNaija Season 5 house, she gave Ozo extensive advice on dealing with his Nengi dilemma. Moving forward Ozo kept a safe distance from Nengi or so we thought. He started moving around more with his neglected bestie, Dorathy.

Bbnaija Season 5: More On Ozo, Nengi Romance 1

As you would know there is more to the situation than meets the eye. While Ozo was doing all within his power to avoid Nengi, it was evident that his tactic was not working as both have been seen warming up to each other again with lovey eyes.

Over the past three days, a lot has happened that makes us doubt if Ozo is really over Nengi as he claims. Let’s start with the bathroom scandal between the two housemates that Neo championed on behalf of the concerned parties. Both housemates and viewers believe that both took a shower together but Nengi dismissed the rumour.

Her second love interest, Prince who could not bear the thought of his dear Nengi showering with another man confronted her with it and she clarified on it saying that she just wanted to talk to Ozo and although they were in the bathroom, one of them (Ozo)was fully clothed. If both housemates claim that they’d rather remain friends, isn’t it a wiser decision to avoid been caught in compromising positions?? Oh well, what do we know?

It is no secret that Ka3na did not like Nengi and thought she was just using Ozo for the game. She didn’t keep her opinions to herself, she told anybody that cared to hear that Nengi was playing male dominance game and Ozo was just a poor pawn in it.

From where we stood, it looked like Ozo actually took Ka3na and Dora’s advice to stop indulging Nengi until yesterday after he won the BBNaija Season 5 Head of House game and picked Dorathy as his deputy. This is where it gets tricky, Ozo owed no one the deputy position. He picked Dorathy because they are close friends and he already said that outside himself he would like for either Dora or Eric.

Bbnaija Season 5: More On Ozo, Nengi Romance 2

However, some hours after making his decision of Deputy Head of House, Ozo was seen apologising to Nengi for not picking her as his deputy. If we needed any sign that Ozo was not entirely over Nengi this was it. Nengi kept insisting that she was not upset about his choice but rather wished she had won the HoH challenge.

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