BBNaija Reunion: Liquorose Reveals Real Reason Emmanuel Missed Her Birthday

The latest episode of the BBNaija Reunion has opened a can of worms between shippers, as Liquorose and Emmanuel bare all on the show.

Emmanuel was the subject of discussion in the episode, after the accusation of flirting with girls in the house, despite being in a relationship with Liquorose.

Emmanuel’s absence was notable at Liquorose’s birthday, which gave rise to speculations about their relationship going sour.

Stating the reason for his absence, Emmanuel said, “She told me I did something she didn’t like and when I asked her, she said I went on a lunch date with Saskay.

“She called it a date and I told her it wasn’t a date. I didn’t know that was the problem because it wasn’t like a big deal for me.

“And now you invite me for your birthday. We’ve not been talking. What exactly am I coming there to do? It was going to be an awkward moment.

“I didn’t want that for her and I didn’t want that for myself so I was like, let me just chill.”

Liquorose reacted to his statement, making another shocking revelation about why their relationship did not work out.

“That was not even the issue. We were dating, right? And I walked into you and a girl in Dubai?” Liquorose responded.

Describing what she saw in Dubai, the 27-year-old said, “The light was off, the music was playing, the bed was rough, and the girl was sitting at the edge, and she covered her face with a face mask, on the only night I didn’t sleep in the room with you.”

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