BBNaija Lockdown: Tochi Drags Laycon At Courtyard

Tochi and Laycon

Tochi is one of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates that you might not hear so much from throughout the day, but he has written his name on the minds of some of the housemates and the viewers of the BBNaija season 5 reality TV show with the display of his talent.

Today is the second Sunday for the BBNaija lockdown housemates and this Sunday is not a tensed as unlike how the rest of their Sundays on the show will be because there will not be eviction today as voting and nomination for possible eviction have not started, so they were more relaxed and were able to entertain themselves.

While some of the housemates gathered at the courtyard and they played table tennis for a while, Praise showed his skills after beating all of the housemates he played with and they changed to singing. That is one of the more interesting forms of relaxation in the house with talented singers like Kaisha, Tochi, and Laycon.

They started by singing the song Kaisha specially composed for Biggie while Praise, Tochi, and Laycon tried to give some freestyle raps into it. They considered making it an official song where all the housemates would give personal raps, but they may have a long way to go with that.

Tricky Tee was asked to start with his rap, using “intensity” as a keyword in it. It was more than obvious that he has no career in singing, so Praise tried his ability and did not do so badly except that he tried to show off how he beat Tochi mercilessly at the table tennis game.

The rounds now started going between Tochi and Laycon, and at a point, the dragging started. Laycon started a verse of rap and blasted Tochi about how Praise trashed him while they both played the table tennis game and everybody screamed and also laughed at him.

Just like it is said in pidgin English, “first do no dey pain.” When Laycon was done dragging Tochi, he took the rope and dragged him from a sensitive angle. He blasted him by advising him to always have the boldness to tell a lady when he loves her and not push another man to it.

The issue Tochi rapped about is just like peeling a fresh wound. You will remember that Laycon had a long discussion about having emotional feelings for Wathoni and not telling her. He was teased that he likes Wathoni and is trying to pretend that he just wanted to talk with her to know more about her, which is making him deny his feelings for her.

These two guys have been able to show how talented they are, because for Tochi, he does not need to write down his line before rapping, but Layton loves to write his. That does not mean that Laycon would be boxed to a corner when you ask him to drop you some lines on the spot.

As we all know, there is no sin in “do me, I do you.” Tochi and Laycon, please continue to drop your lines, drag yourselves if you want to. Your fans are enjoying it and your vibes are making the show more interesting.

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