BBNaija Lockdown: Consequences of Losing 1st Wager

BBNaija Lockdown Housemates 1st Wager

The BBNaija housemates last night lost their first wager after they failed to get adequate points in the presentation that Biggie gave them.

If they were able to get enough points during the presentation, they would have been able to top up their BB Naira coins and by now they would also be looking forward to getting more goodies from Biggie.

Unfortunately for the 20 BBNaija Lockdown housemates, they were unable to show that they know themselves enough to earn their first wager.

As the case is right now, there are consequences for losing their first wager, and here they are:

1. For losing the presentation given to them by Biggie last night, their BB Naira coins would not be increased. Remember that the BB Naira coins are lifesavers at a point on the show when they need to get something done or to cross a hurdle.

2. Since they were unable to cross the hurdle set for the last night, they might not be able to get their groceries restocked. This means they might be on a long thing in the coming week as the case might now be eating what they have and not what they want.

3. Purchasing clothes and other necessary items they might need might not be possible since they might not have enough coins to do so.

4. Since they have lost their chance to earn more coins, they have lost the chance to get lifelines they will definitely need sometimes on the show. This was what helped Mercy Eke, the winner of the 2019 BBNaija season of the show. She used the coins she had plus the ones her boyfriend Ike gave her to buy immunity.  

The housemates will now need to work harder to get more BB Naira coins as the show progresses, if they intend to complement the votes they would be getting from their fans.

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