BBNaija: Erica Dictates Her Love Language

Queen of the elites, Erica dictates her love language to eager fans who would like to show how much they appreciate her.

Erica has announced to her fans that she is not after the material things as a show of love even after the Elites went out of their way to shower her with extravagant gifts for her 27th birthday. Recall that she got stock in various businesses like Disney, Amazon and a three-bedroom duplex as well.

Erica Dictates Her Love Language

Taking to her Twitter, the BBNaija star wrote that the best way to show her love was to limit their expectations of her as she is just human like the rest of her fans, trying to navigate life. She wrote,

“If you love me, put yourself in my shoes. Reduce the expectations, life can be really hard sometimes.”

Bbnaija: Erica Dictates Her Love Language 1
BBNaija: Erica Dictates Her Love Language 3

The actress also put out a disclaimer to the overzealous fans who had a habit of romantically attaching her to every man she associates with. She has warned them to do so at their own risk.

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