BBNaija 2021 Reunion Day 11: Neo Loses Prince and Praise Over Fake Friendship

Continuing from yesterday’s episode, the BBNaija 2021 Reunion Day 11 focused on friendships that was ruined because of nominations. But before that, Dorathy and Lucy had something to say about Nengi.

Dorathy she thought that Nengi’s habit of following Ozo, Prince and Trikytee almost at the same time was a strategy. At the house, Lucy went overboard with her comment when she said that Nengi was throwing herself at the guys. According to her, it was just something she said out of anger during one of their fights.

BBNaija 2021 Reunion Day 11: Neo Loses Praise Over Fake Friendship

Praise and Prince came ready to put some heat on Neo’s head. Being that Praise thought of Neo as a friend, he was shocked and confused to watch a video of when Neo nominated him for eviction when got got out of the BBNaija house. Though other housemates like Ozo and Nengi also nominated him, it was Neo’s own that stuck with him the most because of their relationship in the house. He added that Neo’s action made him feel unimportant. And admitted that it definitely affected their relationship.

BBNaija 2021 Reunion Day 11: Neo Loses Prince Over Fake Friendship

When it comes to Neo and Prince’s situation, it was a long banter as the two gents went on and on about what happened, what didn’t happen, who was wrong, and so on. Prince expressed his disappointment in Prince whom he took as a brother, for talking bad about him and making a comment that involved his Father.

Recall that Prince was one of the housemates who liked to talk about their family, mostly their Fathers. In a diary session with Big Brother, Neo had mentioned Prince as the housemate who faked his story in the house. He said that Prince lied about the things he said about his father. 

Now after the show, Prince watched the clip and it completely threw him off balance because he trusted Neo and never expected such a comment from him.

In defence, Neo admitted that what he said was wrong and that he tried reaching out to Prince a couple of times to tender an apology and see how they could move things forward but that Prince wasn’t just having it.

Prince added that he doesn’t trust Neo anymore. In fact, he’s not interested in being his friend and that he no longer cares about him.

Tonight wasn’t Neo’s night at all as most of the housemates, even his girlfriend, Vee, said that Prince’s anger, as well as Praise’s were justified. 

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