BBNaija 2021: Pere Makes a Confession to Beatrice

Pere and Beatrice seem to be getting along as they were caught up in a conversation about themselves.

BBNaija 2021 housemate, Beatrice opened up to Pere about his attitude towards her, and he assured her that she hadn’t done anything to him, but sometimes he goes into his reserved shell.

Beatrice then mentioned Maria, and he said Maria isn’t his girlfriend, but he was only attracted to her. Taking note of the word ‘but’, she asked him why he is so quick to move on, and he answered, saying he has no time. He is a grown man and sets his own rules.

He further said if the opposite sex is not on the same wavelength as him, he moves on.

Bbnaija 2021: Pere Makes A Confession To Beatrice 1

Beatrice, however, advised him to give the person time, saying he used to like her but changed. He defended himself, saying she was shooting her shots everywhere. Beatrice, in her opinion, said she was only trying to be col with the housemates.

Pere said he couldn’t take a woman he is attracted to as a friend, but that doesn’t mean they will be enemies. He refuses to be friend-zoned to a woman he wants.

Still talking about his attitude towards Beatrice, he said he was trying to be cautious and not pass a wrong message.

However, Beatrice requested that he hug and play with her the way he does with other housemates, to which he agreed.

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