BBNaija 2021: Peace and Tega on Fresh Wildcard Investigating Mission

BBNaija 2021 first head of house, Peace and fellow housemate, Tega, in an investigating mission, have named two housemates in the house to be the wildcards.

Recall that Biggie had announced that there are two wildcards in the house, and the housemates were given a task to identify them. Yesterday, the wildcards were revealed to the public, but not to the housemates yet, as they still have some time to figure out who they are.

In a serious conversation between Peace and Tega, they named Jaypaul and Beatrice as their wildcards guess. Tega’s reasons for assuming Beatrice to be one of the wildcards are many, but here are some that stood out.

Bbnaija 2021: Peace And Tega On Fresh Wildcard Investigating Mission
BBNaija 2021: Peace and Tega

First, she thinks Beatrice doesn’t relate with other housemates as she ought to. She also recalled the first bad impression Beatrice gave her on arriving at the BBNaija 2021 house. She (Tega) had approached Beatrice to extend a hand of friendship, but it didn’t go well as Beatrice didn’t reciprocate her gesture.

Another incident was when Beatrice approached her in the bathroom to ask for a show of love if Tega is one of the wildcards. Tega thought such a show-off to be fake, thereby making her a suspect in the wildcard search.

Peace reason for guessing Jaypaul is a wildcard is because he mentioned that he was notified as one of the housemates for last year’s Big Brother edition, but at the end, it didn’t work out.

Both Peace and Tega believe that the wildcards know themselves and are probably having secret meetings.

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