BBNaija 2021: Laugh Turns Sour, As Arin Fires Sammie

It was not funny anymore when Arin fired Sammie while they were waiting to present the drawing task giving to them by Biggie on day 10 of the BBNaija 2021 show.

The housemates were shared into three groups where they were given some creative art pieces to create a collage about the house and life generally.

They where done with their design and were waiting for words from Biggie, only to hear of some rowdiness from Arin and Sammie’s group.

It was shocking to know that Sammie’s laugh was what earned him the outburst that came from a formerly peaceful group. The hot conversation went on for a while before the real issue was revealed.

Arin explained that Sammie left their group only to go to other groups to see their designs, then he returned to make jest of the design they all adopted.

The art enthusiast got angry saying she brought the idea of the design and it was adopted, only for him to believe in other group’s design to the point of laughing of his group’s work.

In his defense, Sammie claimed he was just joking and was not in any way insinuating that other groups’ designs are better than thiers.

Other group members intervened and tried all they could to settle the brewing dispute.

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