BBNaija 2021: Clash Between Cross and Niyi Over Bread

So far, the 12th day in the BBNaija 2021 house has been a day of misunderstanding among few housemates over bread.

Just after the morning exercise, while some housemates were in the kitchen preparing breakfast, Cross and Niyi had a slight altercation over the issue of bread and how some eat more than others.

Cross said the only issue with Niyi is that everyone contributed money to buy the bread, so saying first come, first serve to get the bread is wrong, although Niyi denied saying that.

Bbnaija 2021: Clash Between Cross And Niyi Over Bread 1

However, while this was going on, White money was just by the side catching a cruise with the situation with his funny side comments; he also mentioned that he had advised them not to purchase the bread as a group but individually.

Just when all seemed reasonable in the house over the issue, the misunderstanding on the issue of bread continued in the room between few of the BBNaija 2021 housemates.

Bbnaija 2021: Clash Between Cross And Niyi Over Bread 2

As a result of this, Head of House Boma said he dislikes things being disorganized. From Saturday, housemates should start writing down what they want to purchase so that everything is ordered immediately by Sunday.

As they still debated on the bread issue, Pere walked into the room to complain about how toilets in the house are used in an unclean manner.

This information diverted the conversation, making housemates agree on females and males using separate toilets.

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