BBNaija 2021: Arin Exposes Saga Plans for Nini

BBNaija 2021 housemate Arin has taken it upon herself to disclose to Nini how bad Saga likes her and is always happy when he is with her.

While Nini was in the room with Sammie and Jackie B, Arin came in and laid close to Nini, saying she has something to tell her about Saga, labelling him as Nini guy.

Arin said that the consequences of Saga been around Nini always is that the feelings he has for her will keep increasing. She also said Saga feels like there is a push and pull going on between him and Nini because one day, she dismisses him from her bed, and the next day, she allows him to stay there.

Still discussing Saga’s love interest, She disclosed that Saga wanted to make a move on Saskay to distract himself from Nini. She added that anything Nini does, he would always take it seriously but be happy when Nini flirts with him.

Bbnaija 2021: Arin Exposes Saga Plans For Nini 1

Arin was also of the opinion that Saga acts weird when they are both with Boma and compared to other guys interested in Nini, Saga seems to be the one to like her more but is sad she has a boyfriend outside the big brother house.

She also recalled that Saga had told them earlier that he had mentioned his feelings for Nini to Big Brother during his diary session, and that is one way to know how deep his feelings are.

Despite this, She said she had advised Saga not to expect more, and the best he can get is what he has now.

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