BBNaija 2021: Angel and Jackie B Team Up Against HoH

The first task from Biggie is revealing various layers of the housemates that has not been seen before and it was obvious in the conversation Angel and Jackie B had about the head of House and her leadership skills.

Recall that Peace won the Head of House game and her regime with Yousef started yesterday. Today, she got her first task as head of house as Biggie presented the wager to the housemates and it seems some of her colleagues are not so happy with how she is handling the task so far.

Angel and Jackie B Gossip about HoH

Among the dissatisfied were Angel and Jackie B who have been spending a lot of time lately. After the first part of their task, the two were alone in their room discussing how the HoH could have organized the task better instead of making all of them sit down to listen to unnecessary stories about the housemates’ cultures.

According to them, it would have been better if she divided the house into teams because that would have gotten them more progress than the time-wasting task they did that got them nowhere near achieving the wager.

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