BBNaija 2020: What Is Wrong With The BBNaija Lockdown Housemates?

BBNaija Lockdown House

What is wrong with the BBNaija Lockdown Housemates is one of the most frequently asked questions since the reality show started on July 19, and truly we want to know what is truly wring with these housemates. There are twenty housemates in the BBNaija lockdown house presently, but you might be confused about what s going on in the house right now.

A lot of social media users are wondering if they are actually watching the BBNaija or Ultimate love relationship show, because of the way the housemates are behaving on the show. As it stands right now, it is not clear if most of them are still aware that N85 million is at stake and they need to keep their focus straight.

The BBNaija Lockdown prize is all-time highest in the history of the show, but the current housemates seem not to be acting as if they are interested in getting it. The followers of the show are wondering if this is a strategy or a mistake.

When the housemates were being unveiled, the show host, Ebuka asked them what their strategies are and most of them said they want to use the relationship strategy, some said they has chosen the controversy strategy and some others kept mute about their plans on the show.

Taking a slight look at the show, it is obvious that the relationship strategy is the most used in the house. Loving up is the in thing and breaking up is starting to become the trend, especially between Leo and Vee while Erica and Kidd including Ozo and negs have their legs shaking.

Apart from the loving up, they have failed to win any wager and have continued to commit microphone infringement. Like, what is happening here? Can’t you people just be stable and act as if you are serious about this game even if you are not? Please just fake it and save us from all of these.

Biggie was so pissed that even when e hailed them for giving a “Priaseworthy” presentation but could not give them their wager because of their indiscipline. You see! They have gotten their BB Naira wallet reduced several times for not sucking to the rules.

As much as they tried to keep the viewers entertained with a lot of things, they need to find out what is wrong with them and “take dressing.” I mean be serious with the game, act like you see yourself winning the N85 million worth of prizes.

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